Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good afternoon from North Ogden! Sara has been after us to get started with this, and being obedient parents, here we go!

I just had my birthday and it was a lovely day. Keri and Shane and the boys were on their way to Shane's family cabin, so they came for Church, dinner and spent the night, and it is always fun to have the boys around. Then Mike and Michelle and their kids came for chocolate cake and ice cream for the kids and strawberry pie for the adults, which added to the fun! Spence and Dan went fishing with their Dad the day before, and Spencer spent the night so I could spend a little "Birthday" time with him, too. Of course we missed Sara and Isaac, and Matt and Kati and their kids.

We're going to Boise on Saturday morning for Andrew Harrison's wedding, Peggy's son. We'll spend the night, and drive back the next morning. It's always wonderful to be with family. We are certainly looking forward to the family reunion on Aug. 17 & 18, although we're sad that Sara & Isaac can't be here. This morning I was at a person's home, helping tie a quilt for the Humanitarian Center, and one of the ladies started talking about their family reunion the first of August, and how excited they were, and that they were going to a really neat place near Challis, Idaho. I asked her what the name of the place was, and she said: the May Family Ranch. What a coincidence!

Well, that's all for this edition. Now it's Dad's turn!