Sunday, August 12, 2007


Happy Birthday to Tom, the most wonderful man that I know! He has been the greatest blessing in my life. Of course, without him, I wouldn't have all my incredible children and grandchildren--a thought that I won't even ponder! I hope you know how much I love each one of you.

I'm so excited about the Family Reunion next week! My only sadness is that Sara and Isaac are tooooo far away to come. Boohoo. We will all have to post lots of pictures for them.

We are going to Grandma Price's tomorrow to do some work related to trying to get a new walk-in shower installed for her. We need to open up a doorway, and repair the wall, and order new flooring, among other things. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks, and she will be 90! Please don't forget to send her a card.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Boise for Andrew and Paige Harrison's wedding and reception. It was lovely, and it's always great to see family.

They had a ring ceremony after the Temple sealing in Paige's parents back yard for her family and friends. It was HOT! When we got to Boise the night before, it was 102 degrees at 9pm!

This is a picture of Dixie, her daughter Hailey, and her daughter, Katie. Hailey was really sorry Sara wasn't there. (So was I!) The next picture is of Katie.

Tomorrow morning I'm having a biopsy of a thyroid nodule, and then a week from Tuesday I'm having surgery for some bladder repair. I know, that's more information than you wanted. It will be an overnight stay at the hospital, and then about a 6 week recovery where I have to be careful not to lift things. Does that mean things like dirty dishes? Just wanted you to know what's going on.

A couple of weeks ago I started oil painting! It is so much fun! They have a new kind of oil paint that has a water clean-up, which does away with the need for turpentine, and it's really great. As an assignment for my class, I did a portrait using a picture from a magazine. It really turned out pretty good---except that it didn't look anything like the woman in the picture! She was about 40, and in my picture, the girl looked like she was about 18, and not even related to the other woman! Oh well--I'll just keep practicing!