Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow, has it ever been a long time since I wrote anything! I was looking through my pictures, and found lots that I never posted, so I'll try to get caught up. I was looking at the pictures of all that snow we had last winter, and it will soon be winter again! Time goes by way too fast!!! Speaking of last winter, one day we went to a place in Eden that my friend, Karen, had told me about--to see elk. Here are are few of the pictures we took--Keri and Shane and the boys went along, too.

I wouldn't exactly call this a sled, but it was pulled by horses, and it was surprisingly bumpy. I thought it would be smooth on the snow, but it wasn't. We almost lost Tom when we went around a turn--he almost slid off! Two horses pulled us out into the field, and the farmer's dogs went with us. The boys loved the dogs--much more than the elk!

This dog decided he belonged to me!

After we looked at the elk, we went back to the barn, where the snow was so deep that the boys
could climb up on the roof of the barn.

Look at all that snow! Can't you just hardly wait for next winter?! NO!

On Easter, we went to Keri's. Or maybe it was the Sat. before Easter--can't remember! Here's Shane and Keri in their beautiful new kitchen.

The boys eating at the counter.

And of course the adults were enjoying the Honey Baked ham and turkey.

The best part was the egg hunt!

I think every adult had a camera, and we were ALL taking pictures of the kids looking for eggs!

On Mother's Day, we went to Mike and Michelle's for Andrew's blessing. We were all there, except for Sara and Isaac. (Boohoo....) We sure miss them when we have get-togethers!

Grandpa and Haleigh went for a walk, and some of the other children decided to follow.

The kids had a special place to eat on the front porch. Cam was clapping his hands over his head and he wanted me to take a picture, but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of him actually clapping!

Cute picture of Michelle and Andrew.

What a funny picture of all my grandchildren!

Cute picture of Mike and Michelle and Andrew!

Cute picture of 2 of my "boys."

Cute picture of Keri and Shane.

Cute picture of Matt and Kati.

REALLY cute picture of Matt!!!

And my favorite picture of all! (Except for the fact that Sara is missing!) It was Mother's Day!
I sure am grateful for all of my wonderful kids, who have grown up to be even more wonderful adults. I love each one of you more than I can express!

Sometime before school ended, Joshua was the star in his classroom play! I'm so glad we had the chance to watch!

Grandma and Andrew and Michael enjoying the play.

One afternoon, Dad and I went to the wedding reception for Kati's sister, Nicky. I'm sure that at this point, Matt and Kati were pretty much exhausted, but you wouldn't guess it from this cute picture.

The boys were inside watching movies and playing video games, but we did get some pictures of Haleigh!

The cake was incredible---have you ever seen a wedding cake like this? Nicky wanted a "party" cake, and this certainly says "Party!"

And you can't have a wedding reception without the happy Bride and Groom!

When John and Jackie were here, we took them to Antelope Island, and saw lots of---buffalo!

Even with all of last winter's snow, you can see that beyond the buffalo is dirt and sand where the water is suppose to be.

We actually did see an antelope close to the road. He just kind of posed for us!

Well, now I'm ready to post pictures from the reunion, but that will have to wait until another day! That's all for now!