Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Wonderful Family Reunion

Thanks to all my wonderful children (I also include their spouses in the category of "my" children), for making the gigantic effort to make this reunion a wonderful experience! It would not have been the same if even one of you had not been able to be there. It was such a joy for Dad and me to watch the friendship and love between our children and grandchildren. I hope this can be the beginning of a regular reunion schedule---either yearly or every 2 years. Let's start planning now for next year---we need your suggestions for where we should get together because we won't be able to use the Thompson cabin next year. Thanks again to Shane and Keri for making this reunion happen at such a wonderful place.

Well, here are some photos from the reunion. Kati has lots of beautiful pictures on her blog---don't miss seeing hers!

This is the cabin that Dad thinks is the one he lived in for about 1 year, that his Dad built. Grandma Price will tell you the story of how Tom pulled Carolyn out of the creek to keep her from floating away when he was about 5 years old. Dad will also tell about the smaller cabin across the highway where they lived while Grandpa was building this cabin. At the smaller cabin Grandpa would shoot the porcupines with a shotgun to keep them from chewing on the cabin. There were some rancher's dogs that would come by every morning with about 50 quills stuck in their faces from tangling with the porcupines. Grandpa would have to help the rancher pull them out with pliers. Dad could never understand how the dogs would do the same thing day after day---those were dumb dogs! Grandpa would have to take his shotgun with him at night when he had to go out to the outhouse---just in case he came upon one of those lovely porcupines. Ahwww...those were the days!

After our trek around the mud pots

A beautiful gorge on our way to Mammoth. It was amazing to watch some of the other tourists (adults) disregard the safety measures that had been put in place. It was crazy.

I decided to put this picture in since Keri doesn't have her own blog. I'm thinking that it's Nathan, then David, Keri, Cameron, and Shane, but maybe Keri will tell me that it's really David first. I think Heavenly Father gave Nathan a blond spot in his brown hair just so Grandma could tell the boys apart, but it doesn't help me when they are in a picture like this!

It was so bizarre to see these elk lounging around the town when we got to Mammoth.

There were some very interesting formations at Mammoth.
This one appeared to be spitting water out the front.

Sara, Spencer, and Isaac. What sweet kids!

If you're going to have pictures of Yellowstone, you have to have a picture of a bison.

Unfortunately, on Sunday after an early dinner, Matt and Kati, Jackson, Ryan, and Haleigh, and Spencer and Daniel had to leave to get home for work on Monday. We really missed them! Late on Sunday afternoon we all went to explore the shore of Hepgen Lake, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the cabin.

And so most everyone tried to outdo each other on how far they could skip a rock. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything, but the best skipping that I saw was done by my husband! Unfortunately, his arm and shoulder were actually sore the next day. Everyone was really working hard at this accomplishment!

Well, here we are getting ready to head out. After cleaning from top to bottom, Isaac helped Shane winterize the cabin, which took awhile. This cabin has been well taken care of, and it was a real blessing to have the privilege of using the Thompson cabin for the weekend. Thanks again Keri and Shane!

Sara and Isaac spent Thursday and Thursday night at Keri's, before renting a car to drive to Las Vegas on Friday to spend the weekend with Isaac's parents.

Sara took this cute picture of playing in the leaves after she and the boys raked it into a pile. We will sure miss having Sara and Isaac around