Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Falling Behind!

Things I'm grateful for:

TUESDAY (and EVERY day!)

1. Michael
2. Keri
3. Matt
4. Spencer
5. Daniel
6. Cindi
7. Sara

Each one is more precious to me than I can express. I have always been amazed at how children raised in pretty much the same environment by the same parents could turn out to be completely different individuals! They each have different talents and abilities, but they have one thing in common---a Mom that loves them with all her heart.


1. I'm grateful for a husband who "thinks" a lot. That's something I need to do more of. I am always "doing!"

2. I'm grateful for sleep. Isn't it amazing how you can be so tired that you can hardly move, and yet in the morning you're ready to go again.

3. I'm very grateful for 5 girls and their leader, who for activity day, as a way to earn money for their sub-for-Santa project, cleaned out my garden. They dug up all the old plants, and then filled 6 or 7 bags. They also spread bark around one of the flower areas out front. It was wonderful!

4. I'm grateful for diamonds, rubies, and all the precious stones that Heavenly Father created to beautify the earth. I went to a kind of open house at a jewelry store, and I love sparkling things!

5. I'm grateful for hot water. Every time I get in the shower....


1. I'm grateful for refrigerators! And that we were able to get another one! Now we have an extra one in the laundry room. Tom said it was important for the 2 of us to have 2 ovens and 2 refrigerators! Why didn't we have these when we actually needed them?

2. I'm grateful for beautiful sunsets like the one we had tonight!

3. I'm grateful for the eyesight to see beautiful sunsets! What a blessing it is to live in a time and place that I was able to have cataract surgery on both eyes, and to be able to see so much better now.

4. I'm grateful for good friends.

5. I'm grateful for Sheri Dew. I think she must have been asked in the premortal life if she was willing to postpone having a family so she could spend her time helping thousands and thousands of women with her books and uplifting words and counsel. I have gained so much from reading her books.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday's "Gratitude"

1. I'm grateful for our home, and being able to live next to these beautiful mountains. They were so beautiful this morning as I was driving up the hill, with a touch of snow, and the clear blue sky above.

2. I'm grateful to live at a time and in a place where we have the medical help that we have. I know that doctors do not have all the answers (there's so much Heavenly Father hasn't revealed yet!), but I'm grateful for the artificial hips and knee that I have, so I'm not in the kind of pain I was in before the surgery.

3. I'm grateful for a friend, Karen, whose example spurred me on to join "Curves," where I go exercise with her at least 3 times a week. It feels so good!

4. I'm grateful for the technology that allows us to have these "blogs." I love reading the blogs from my family!

5. I'm grateful for a Relief Society program that supports a book club. Last month we read "Anytime, Anyplace" by Elder Groberg, which has some very moving stories of faith, and this month we're reading "God Wants a Powerful People" by Sheri Dew. She encourages the reader to keep a journal as you read the book, and write down any impressions that come to you. It has been very interesting, and enlightening.

So that's it for today. It will be Thanksgiving next week! Can hardly wait to have at least some of the family here for dinner!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Five Things I'm Grateful For

1. We have a new member of the family---Daniel got a puppy today! He is so cute (the puppy!) ( Daniel, too!). He is 8 weeks old and he's a Boston Terrier, just like Dax.

2. I'm grateful to be able to do genealogy research. We had a fantastic stake fireside tonight about DNA use in genealogy, and afterwards, we got to swish some liquid in our mouth which would somehow register our DNA, and then it will be processed and added to their data bank.

3. I'm grateful for our Relief Society Presidency. They were released today, and they have done such a wonderful job--hours and hours of service, of loving, kind service.

4. I'm grateful for my sweet husband. I had several BIG projects this week that I wanted him to help me with, and we got them done! We cleaned out the weeds and dead plants in the three flower beds in the front yard. Then we cleaned out the garage, and if that wasn't enough, we cleaned out the storage room! Wow--what a week!

5. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to paint. I love it! There are just so many pictures I want to paint. I have 4 painting in various stages right now. It it a wonderful blessing to be able to do this, and I know that any ability I have is from the Lord, and I'm grateful because it makes me very happy.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Seth's Wedding

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Seth and Jamie's wedding in the Logan Temple. It was beautiful, of course, as all Temple weddings are. Then we had a buffet lunch at a restaurant in Logan. After that, since it was going to be 4 1/2 hours before the reception started, we decided to go home, take a nap, eat dinner, and drive back to Logan for the reception. Here are some pictures we took outside of the Temple.

Clark and Irene

John and Rebecca

John is waiting for his mission call. His papers went in 2 weeks ago, so it should be any day! Becky is going to BYU-Ricks and is a junior in advertising.

Seth and Jamie

What a cute couple! Jamie is the 2nd youngest of 6 girls--no boys! Her Dad was happy that he only has one more wedding to go!

Jamie and her sisters

The reception was at the American West Heritage Center near Logan, and it would have been really nice if a couple of things hadn't gone wrong. First of all, when we got to the parking lot, which is sort of in the middle of a big field, all the lights were off, so it was very dark, and we weren't sure we were in the right place. There was a building next to the parking lot, but it was also dark, with no lights. There were several cars in the parking lot, and we sat there for at least 15 minutes watching people drive up, park, get out of their cars, walk around in the dark trying to figure out where to go, and then get back in their cars. Finally, as one group of people went by our car, I asked them if they were here for the reception, too. They said yes, and someone had told them that we had to walk over a ways, and wait for a horse drawn wagon to come pick us up! Nothing had been said about that at the luncheon, and we weren't exactly dressed for a buggy ride while it was 40 degrees outside. So we waited in the dark with some other people for awhile, and then we all decided to try walking. Just then, the wagon and horses arrived, and we piled in. Luckily, there were blankets in the wagon to put over your legs which helped a little, and the ride only lasted a few minutes. So once we got to the building, it was nice. Then of course we had to catch the wagon to ride back to the parking lot. They finally got the lights turned on at the parking lot. On the wagon ride back, the horses got spooked, and took off running, and the driver had to work real hard to get them to slow down and walk. Had he failed, the wagon would have probably tipped, we would have all been crushed under the wagon, and I wouldn't be writing my blog! Needless to say, I was glad to get back to the car safe and sound, and to turn the heater on!

This one's for Kati!

Dad and I went to Thayne to get the boat last week. We left early Monday morning so Dad and Clark could get on the river before noon. Dad and I were going to stay at the Cabin Creek Inn on Monday night, so I checked in about one in the afternoon, and spent the day in the cabin while Dad and Clark fished. It was great fun! I watched TV, painted a picture, and took a bath in the Jacuzzi tub in our little cabin. It was the first time I've been able to soak in a tub for several years. The problem is that I can't get in and out of a tub because I can't bend my legs enough to get them under me. But I was determined to try this one, because I was alone, and it was really big. Once I got in, though, I was kind of worried about what I would do if I really couldn't get out! But, obviously, I succeeded, and I really enjoyed it!

On our way to Thayne, when we were in the canyon, a MOOSE ran across the road in front of the car, and by the time I got the camera out of the case, it was going up the bank on the other side of the road. We both exclaimed, "There's Kati's moose!" So even though the picture didn't turn out very good, this one's for you, Kati!