Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Wedding, a Bear Park, and a Baptism!

Tom, Daniel and I (and Dash) went to Rexburg for Marci and Dave's wedding on Friday,Aug. 28. It was the first time Tom and I had been in the new Rexburg Temple, and it was lovely, as was the ceremony. Marci and Dave had most of their pictures taken at the Temple before that day, and so we didn't have to wait terribly long to go to the luncheon, which was at his parents ward outside of Rexburg. The reception was that evening in a garden on the BYU-Idaho campus. It was a very nice day, being with family, and seeing this wonderful couple start a new life together.

We finally got to meet Ryan's wife, Pam. And it was fun to see Rex and Shalee, too.

Here's Dixie and Haleigh (not sure how she spells her name). Haleigh is very happy to be expecting in Oct.

The happy Bride and Groom at the garden reception.

On the way home, we drove by the "bear park", and every time we drive on that road, I always make some comment about wanting to see the bears, so Tom drove in!

Here are a couple of grizzlies.

Kind of a lazy day for this guy!

This bear was so funny--he's trying to figure out what the bear sign means!

They had some cubs that were born in January, and these 2 never stopped wrestling with each other.

It was way too expensive, and the condition of the animals was not the best, but we did see many bears close to the car, and now we can say that we did it!

Yesterday, Saturday, Sept. 5, Emma got baptized! The Baptism was at 3 pm, and afterward we went to Mike and Michelle's for sandwiches and lots of food! Here are some pictures we took right before the meeting started.

Another great day was spent with family!